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Home Medications and Treatments for Sexual Impotence

Impotence is the inability to have sexual intercourse due to failure in achieving or maintaining erection. Impotence is common and most men have it once in a while or for short periods of time. It can occur at any age, but is most common in men above 65.

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Symptoms of Sexual Impotence

Loss of sex drive (decreased libido) is the most common symptoms of Sexual Impotence.

Causes of Sexual Impotence

Sexual impotence may result from psychological illness such as depression which lowers both sexual drive and erectile functional tiredness, alcohol abuse, the therapeutic use of estrogen's, paralysis of parasympathetic nerves by drugs or permanent damage to them, and diabetes. Other causes of impotence include a devitalized, condition of the system in general. The main problem of secondary impotence is the apprehension created by an earlier failure, which generates a good deal of anxiety for the next time.

Common Causes of Impotence:

Therapeutic use of estrogen's
Paralysis of parasympathetic nerves by drugs

Treatment Of Sexual Impotence

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Garlic is one of the most remarkable home remedies found beneficial in the treatment of sexual impotence. It is a natural and harmless aphrodisiac. According to an eminent sexologist off the United States, garlic has a pronounced aphrodisiac effect It is a tonic for loss of sexual power due to any cause, and for sexual debility and impotency resulting from sexual overindulgence and nervous exhaustion. Two to three cloves of raw garlic should be chewed daily.

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Onion is another important aphrodisiac food, second| only to garlic. It increases libido and strengthens the reproduction organs. The white variety of onion is, however, more useful for this purpose.

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Carrots are considered valuable in impotence. For better results, about 150 gm of carrots, chopped finely, should be taken with a half-boiled egg, dipped in a tablespoon of honey, once daily for a month or two. This recipe increases sexual stamina.

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A soup made with about fifteen grams of drumstick flowers boiled in 250 ml milk is very useful as a sexual tonic in the treatment of sexual debility. It is also useful in functional sterility in both males and females. The powder of the dry bark is also valuable in impotency, premature ejaculation, and thinness of semen. About 120 gm of die powder of the dry bark should be boiled in half a liter of water for about half an hour. Thirty grams of this powder, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, should be taken three times daily for a month.

Sexual-Vitality Formula
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1 ounce dong-quai root (whole or sliced)
1 ounce American ginseng root (whole)
2 ounces vitex berries (crushed)
2 ounces damiana leaves
4 vanilla beans, split
1 nutmeg, grated
1 cup honey

Place herbs in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid and add enough brandy to cover the herbs by three inches.
Cover tightly, and store in a cool, dark place for 3 weeks. Give the jar a gentle shake every day or two to keep the herbs from settling.
After 3 weeks, strain out the herbs, reserving the ginseng and dong quai. Discard the other herbs.
Warm the honey slightly to liquefy it and add it to the herbal brandy mixture. Pour into a glass bottle, and return the reserved ginseng and dong quai to the bottle.
Take one teaspoon twice daily.

Exercises for Increasing Sexual Energy

Exercise in general is important for sexual vitality because it builds endurance, strength, and flexibility. Your body thrives on movement, and physical activity helps to keep your body balanced and your energy flowing. The more physically fit you are, the more sexual energy you will have. Vigorous exercise also stimulates the production of endorphins, the natural brain chemicals that have an uplifting effect on your emotions. However, avoid overexercising, which can cause fatigue and diminish your sexual vitality. Moderate daily exercise, such as brisk walking, dancing, or bicycling, that makes you feel energized, but not depleted, is best. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it helps you feel good about your body, which heightens feelings of sensuality.

For a simple exercise that concentrates energy in the pelvis and enhances sexual energy, stand in a comfortable position with your feet hip-width apart and your knees relaxed. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths to relax, inhaling and exhaling in an easy rhythm. Close your eyes, and rub your palms briskly together until you generate warmth in your hands. When your hands feel warm, briskly rub your palms over your kidney area (your low mid-back on either side of your spine) for 15 to 30 seconds. Rub your hands together again for a few seconds to generate energy in your palms, and then immediately place your palms over your lower abdomen for 30 seconds. As you feel the warmth from your hands, imagine that energy is circulating through out your pelvis, healing and energizing your sexual organs.

Rub your hands briskly together again, and place your palms over your kidneys with your fingers pointing down. Slowly begin to rotate your hips in a small clockwise circle (imagine that you are drawing a circle on the floor) while keeping your upper body still. Inhale as you rotate your hips to the rear, and exhale as you circle forward. Repeat this circular movement 25 times in a clockwise direction, and then repeat 25 circles to the left.


1. Mantain an overall healthy diet – Use fresh foods as close to the natural state as possible, avoiding prepackaged and processed foods. Eat daily servings of leafy green vegetables, whole grains (such as brown rice and rolled oats), fresh fruit, and proteins with a minimum of animal fat. Avoid sugars (such as in pastries and candy) and refined carbohydrates (such as white bread and white rice). Drink at least 8 cups of fluids daily. For more information, refer to the article on healthy diet.

2. Emphasis in cases of infertility should be put on avoiding artificial colorings and flavors commonly added to food. Read the labels to become acquainted with the product content.

3. Avoid caffeine-containing foods such as coffee, tea, sodas, and chocolate.

4. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and the use of recreations drugs.

Other effective Remedies for Sexual Impotence

Aromatherapy Treatments for Sexual Impotence

 Scent has a powerful effect on the mind and the body and can greatly enhance enjoyment. The sense of smell is controlled by the limbic system, the part of the brain that is the center for emotions, memories, and sexuality. Because fragrance directly influences the limbic part of the brain, many essential oils have long been valued as aphrodisiacs.

Rose is especially beneficial for women. It helps to balance hormones, has a tonic effect on the reproductive organs, and enhances sexuality. Psychologically, rose is uplifting and helps to restore a woman's connection to her femininity.

Sandalwood induces a state of calmness and serenity and relieves nervous tension. It is considered a sexual restorative for both women and men and has a rich, deep, woodsy-sweet scent.

Ylang-ylang is deeply relaxing, exotic, and sensuous. It has a rich, intensely sweet floral fragrance that can be overpowering in excess. Use it in very small quantities-two or three drops at most in a bath.

Patchouli has been used for thousands of years as a sexual stimulant. It also relieves nervous exhaustion. This ancient fragrance has a rich, deep, earthy, herbaceous scent.

Jasmine relieves nervous tension, has mild euphoric properties, and is said to restore sexual confidence. It has an exotic, warm, fruity-floral fragrance.

Clary sage helps to balance hormones. It has sedative, almost euphoric properties and relieves emotional tension that can interfere with sexuality. It has a deep, sweet, herbaceous fragrance.

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