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Menopause or cessation of menses in women is a normal event which occurs in the mid or late forties, it indicates the end of a woman’s reproductive period.  It lasts approximately one to three years. During menopause, menstrual flow first becomes irregular, diminishes, and then is finally completely absent. When no menstrual bleeding has occurred for one year, the menopausal transition is finished.

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Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is not an illness, it is a phase that all women will eventually experience. In some women, the changes takes place without any unpleasant symptoms, except  the cessation of menstrual flow.

Common symptoms of Menopausal are:

Night time sweating
Hot flushes
Bladder problems
Decreased sex drive
Stress, and depression
Non specific symptoms include fatigue, irritability, palpitations, numbness, backache and headache.

The symptoms associated with menopause arise from the fact that the ovaries are no longer producing their normal amount of estrogen, the dominant female hormone.

Causes of Menopause

Menopause occurs when a woman's ovaries run out of functioning eggs. At birth, most females have approximately 1-3 million eggs, which are slowly lost throughout a woman's life. By the time a girl has her first menstrual period, she has about 400,000 eggs. By the time of menopause, a woman may have fewer than 10,000 eggs. A small percentage of these eggs are lost through normal ovulation (the monthly cycle). Most eggs die off through a process called atresia.

Treatment Of Menopause

Menopausal Disorders treatment using Nutrients:
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During menopause, lack of ovarian hormones can result in severe calcium deficiency. For this reason, a larger than usual intake of calcium may help greatly. Vitamin D is also essential for assimilation of calcium. Any woman experiencing disturbing symptoms at this time should supplement her daily diet with 1,000 units of natural vitamin D, 500 mg of magnesium, and obtain 2 gm of calcium daily which can be supplied by one litre of milk.

Menopausal Disorders treatment using Beet Juices:
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Beet juice has been found very useful in menopausal disorders. It should be taken in small quantities of 60 to 90 ml at a time, thrice a day. It has proved much more permanently helpful than the degenerative effects of drugs or synthetic hormones.

Menopausal Disorders treatment using Carrot Seeds:
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Carrot seeds have also been found valuable in menopausal tension. A teaspoon of the seeds should be boiled in a glass of cow's milk for about ten minutes and taken daily as medicine in the treatment of this condition.

Menopausal Disorders treatment using Liquorice:
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The use of liquorice is one of the most effective remedies for menopausal disorders. Liquorice contains the natural female hormone, estrogen, and can, to some degree, compensate for the diminished hormone. One teaspoon of the powder should be taken daily.

Menopausal Disorders treatment using Indian Spikenard:
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The herb Indian spikenard is another valuable remedy for certain disturbances due to menopause. It should be given in small doses of 2 gm daily. It will soothen the nervous system and induce tranquillity of the mind.

Menopausal Disorders diet

1. An overall healthy diet. This means using fresh foods as close to the natural, unprocessed state as possible. Avoid processed and prepackaged foods. A healthy diet includes leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and proteins with a minimum of animal fat. Keep your intake of sugar foods and refined carbohydrates, such as processed flours and grains, white bread, and white rice, to a minimum. For more information on healthy diet, listen to our Healthy Diet program (number 343).

2. Be sure to get enough high-quality protein. Replace red meat with fish and chicken as much as possible and include beans, nuts, and seeds in the diet.

Other effective Remedies for Menopause

Outdoor exercise like walking, swimming etc is helpful

Plenty of outdoor exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming. horse-riding, or cycling are imperative.
Avoid mental and emotional stresses and worries

Other helpful measures in this direction are avoidance of mental and emotional stresses and worries, especially worry about getting old; sufficient sleep and relaxation; and following all the general rules of maintaining a high level of health.

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